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    Mistikterra Luxury Travel

    Mistikterra is a luxury travel advisor that guarantees the best profit of your leisure experiences in the Riviera Maya.
    The leading team of Mistikterra has been intellectually and physically involved in the constant search of new exciting experiences and services to intrigue, entertain and enlighten you.
    Our promise is to create holidays which will satisfy our client's personal aspirations and to ensure they get what they are really expecting.

    We take care of all their holiday arrangements in the Riviera Maya: hotel bookings, airport transportation, baggage delays, coordination of tours and expeditions, restaurant recommendations, baby sitting services, money exchange, groceries supplies, 24-hour medical assistance, and ANY OTHER NEEDS they may have during their stay… NO more time spent dealing with inconsistencies in your holiday’s plans as we will be constantly supervising your stay and solving any inconvenience that could occur during your Riviera Maya’s holiday.

    We have been working hard for the last 4 years to offer you what we consider the best of the best; as your professional counselors in the area, we can guarantee nothing else but superb service and a once-in-a-life-time experience.


  • Luxury Events in the Mayan Riviera

  • Weddings & Events


    Mistikterra offers the most naturally glamorous settings in the Mexican Caribbean for your wedding. Whether you envision cherished traditionalism, sophisticated glamour or exclusive intimacy…. we will assist you in every detail to create a flawless event.

    Envision the ultimate magical hideaway for this most special time of your life. Experience the place where heart and soul intimately embrace the pure pleasures of Paradise. We guarantee that your special day will be everything you've ever dreamed of.

    Our professional wedding planners are proud to present amazing luxury wedding resources that will bring your vision to life.

    Legal Requirements

    Birth Certificate (translated and certified by the issuing office)

    Tourist Card (you will receive this upon arrival at the airport)

    Blood tests (to be performed in Mexico)

    Copies of passports

    Copies of divorce decrees (if applicable)

    Four witnesses with passport and tourist card

    Mistikterra Weddings Essentials

    Tentative wedding date

    Estimate number guests

    Type of ceremony: Legal, Spiritual (Determine Religion), Mayan ceremony

    Wedding location: Beach, Lagoon, Cenote, Ballroom Music

    Classic Quarter (45min)

    Live Band (45min)

    Classic Trio (45 min)

    Classic Duo (45 min)

    Classic solo player (45 min)

    DJ Music (5 hrs.)

    Sax Player (45 min)

    Mexican Trio (45 min)

    Mariachi (45 min)

    Dance Band (45 minutes)




    A la Carte Dinner

    Buffet Dinner

    Hors d'oeuvres

    Open Bar

    Wedding Cake


    Bridal bouquet

    Boutonniere Corsage


    Centerpieces with candle

    Ceremony flower decoration

    Bride arrangement

    The bride–to–be and her wedding party often arrive early to enjoy such pre–wedding festivities as a 'day at the spa'. The spa offers treatments specially created for the bride and groom

    Remember that this is only a Mistikterra suggestion for basic elements in your wedding; your Mistikterra personal wedding planner will assist you creating your 'unique' wedding.

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  • Groups & Conventions


    Mistikterra knows the importance of having the right professional contacts, experience and creativity when it comes to organizing a truly unique and successful group event.

    Our commitment and goal is to deliver endless possibilities to customize and guarantee the achievement of your goals.

    Mistikterra will select a multilingual professional group advisor that will be completely at your service since the initial conceptualization of the event to the final airport goodbye.

    Our professional advisors have the capacity to find creative solutions to unforeseen problems quickly and discreetly, provide superior on-site technical support, take care of your billing needs in advance, and most important, to keep your group coordinator out from stress.

    Why the Riviera Maya is an impressive and competitive luxury location for your event?

    Breathtaking natural surroundings

    Top class luxury Hotels

    Outstanding world class Golf courses created by Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Robert Von Hagge and P. B. Dye

    An array of bespoke unique tailored discovery activities guided by Mistikterra’s multilingual certified professionals

    Accessible International Airport

    Group Resources

    Versatile meeting spaces.

    Latest technology.

    Advanced presentation facilities.

    Finest catering.

    Tailored spa therapies to indulge the participants (excellent incentives and awards).

    Inspiring and private atmospheres to think and relax.

    Complimentary rooms

    Mistikterra Services

    Site inspection, accompanied by your Mistikterra’s group advisor and a senior management member from your selected hotel.

    Meet, greet & assist at the airport with our multilingual staff.

    Luxury Airport transfers.

    Expert baggage handling.

    Private check-in and check-out.

    Simultaneous Translation.

    Unique theme parties.

    Selection of special gifts or amenities.

    24 hours assistance.

    Remember that these are just initial suggested basic services; please contact a Mistikterra group advisor in order to start your event process.

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  • Mayan World

    The Maya originated around 3,000 years ago in present-day Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador and Mexico. The Mayan empire flourished in the southern regions from around 250 AD to 900 AD. The empire in the south collapsed around 900 AD. Scholars have suggested, among other reasons, disease, political upheaval, overpopulation or drought. But while the empire in the south waned, that in the north, especially in the Yucatan, flourished until the Spanish conquest of the 16th century AD.

    The Maya were very skilled farmers and also created a very sophisticated written language; some think it might have been the first written language native to the Americans.

    The Maya also developed a highly ordered social class system and carried on trade throughout a network of cities that went as far south as Panama and as far north as Central Mexico. Being great mathematicians, their number system included the concept of zero, an idea unknown to the old Greeks, expert mathematicians themselves. The Maya used their mathematical knowledge along with celestial observations to perfection a calendar created by the Olmec which is a culture from the Mexican Gulf Coast and to create monuments to observe and commemorate the movements of the moon, the sun, and Venus.

  • Travel Tips


    If you are a national of Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the United States of America, Estonia, Finland, France, the Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Rumania, San Marino, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland or Uruguay, you will be able to enter Mexico without any visa requirement, presenting your passport and the “Migratory Form of Tourist, Transmigrate, Visitor person of businesses or advisory Visitor\", which you can obtain in travel agencies, air lines or at the same point of entry to Mexico. In case of requiring visa you are due to go to the consular representation of Mexico in your country, where you will be informed about the requirements to get the visa, since the requirements are different from country to country. The migratory agent at the entry point could also require that you prove to have the necessary economic liability and the return ticket to your country.


    The Central Time Zone is in the Yucatan peninsula and observes standard time by subtracting six hours from GMT during standard time (GMT–6)

    In México the daylight saving time is in effect from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October, changing the time zone GMT-6 to GMT-5.


    The climate is tropical with summer rains from May to October (often extends into January); the average annual temperature is 78 F.


    In Mexico the official language is Spanish. Although there can be found a great variety of dialects, most of Mexican citizens speak Spanish.

    In the Yucatan Peninsula the locals speak Spanish as well as the Mayan yucatec which is a language catalogued by the UN as one of the most difficult languages of the world..

    The tourists are warmly received in English and other languages like French, Italian and German..


    Mexico’s currency is the Mexican Peso. Bills can be found in denominations as follows: 20 pesos, 50 pesos, 100 pesos, 200 pesos, 500 pesos and some of 1000 pesos. Coins: 1 peso, 2 pesos, 5 pesos and 10 pesos.

    Some prices might be presented in “Dollars” by the locals due to the constant flow of foreign tourism; however consider that they always refer to the American Dollar.

    If your currency is different from the American Dollar, it is recommended to change directly to Mexican pesos to avoid lost with the exchange rates of each currency, being the best place to make this transaction an international bank with base in Mexico like Scotiabank; the hotels and exchange companies generally offer a very unfavorable type of exchange.

    In order to avoid perhaps negative annoyances in your country to change Mexican pesos to your local currency, it is widely recommended to change all your Mexican pesos before returning to your country of origin.


    Mexico’s Electricity system is the same as that of the USA: 110 to 120 flat volts, 60 cycles in plugs.


    In Mexico the decimal metric system is used. Nevertheless, because of the great commercial influence of the United States in the Cancun area, it is frequently found the use of ounces, pounds, feet, miles and gallons from the English systems of measurements.


    At the present time when traveling to Mexico no vaccinations are required.

    It is a good idea to include in your packing any medications and other medical supplies you use on a daily basis. Even if you can find them in Mexico, there's a good chance the formulations will be stronger or weaker than the ones you're used to. These may include any prescriptions you already take, such as inhalers, allergy medication, and insulin. Packing an over-the-counter pain medication and diarrhea is also a good idea. People sometimes unexpectedly develop allergic reactions to the pollens and other allergens found in a new environment. Those with asthma or other allergies can unexpectedly react to these new substances.

    In case of emergencies during the stay, the region counts with an ample inventory of qualified hospitals to take care of any eventuality. Season of mosquitoes runs from May to October; nevertheless it does not represent an annoyance when using repellent (biodegradable)


    Although in all the hotels it is required to have current potable water in the rooms, we recommend only to consume bottled water, verifying that is perfectly sealed; in the restaurants and bars that Mistikterra recommend there is no risk of taking ice or to fear for the water that is used for the food preparation thus all of them count on health certificates.


    The sun has healing properties and produces a feel good factor but the excessive exposure to the sun's rays could be a health hazard. In order to prevent sun burning always wear a tee shirt or similar when snorkeling, use high-factor bridgeable sunscreen during midday sun, usually from noon until 3pm. Children should wear long sleeved shirts, hats and high-factor biodegradable sunscreen. Babies under 9 months should be kept out of direct sunlight.

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